Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Québec: reactions

Well, to update my favorite story, in Sherbrooke it appears that the reason for Charest's speedy recovery was indeed the counting of the advance votes. In 2003 Charest won the advance votes by about 1,000 votes; it would appear that he won them by a similar or even greater margin this time, as he was trailing by up to 700 votes during the count, then recovered to win by over 1,000.

Reactions from the Canadian blogosphere include:

democraticSPACE reflects on where the projections went right, and wrong.

Paul Wells has much to say.

Antonio reflects from Quebec.

Calgary Grit last night, and on Boisclair--in particular, his statement that 2/3 for the opposition = PQ victory.

Red Tory the night of; on the aftermath; and on Dumont's "autonomism".

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