Sunday, January 21, 2007

Serbian returns come in

As I noted in a post a couple weeks back, Serbian parliamentary elections took place today. I'm checking out the latest announcements of the Electoral Commission and it appears that the following is taking shape:

With 62% of ballots counted,

Serbian Radical Party (SRS) [nationalists] 28.32%
Democratic Party (DS) [Tadic's party] 22.67%
Democratic Party of Serbia--New Serbia (DSS-NS) [Kostunica] 16.38%
G17+ [conservative liberals] 6.79%
Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) [Milosevic's party] 5.64%
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and coalition allies 5.33%

This is basically as the polls suggested. Vuk Draskovic's SPO is shut out with under 4%; SPS and LDP will scrape in.

DS and DSS will have to come to some sort of agreement to form the next government, along with at least one of the smaller liberal parties. Together, the Radicals and Socialists (the two hardline nationalist parties) will take about 40 percent of the seats.

UPDATE: The Economist has a piece. Point: there are three diverging views on Kosovo (the recommendations will be released at the beginning of February). The Radicals will raise hell no matter what, Kostunica is opposed and might support parallel actions toward secession by Bosnian Serbs, and Tadic and the DS would pay lip service to retaining Kosovo while seeking to maintain stability.

Two of these opinions will have to be accommodated in any new government.

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