Thursday, January 11, 2007

Excited about immigration

Hopefully, this new immigrant is uncontroversial... except maybe for Chivas USA fans.

I may even make it to an MLS game this upcoming season.

From The Guardian:
For all his considerable skills, his celebrity has long outstripped his talent, and the move signals the end of his career as a footballer of significance. Six months after resigning the England captaincy with a tear in his eye, the most famous footballer of his generation is walking away from the highest level of the game aged just 31.
No, MLS hasn't quite made the big time yet. But you have to admit, it's not a bad celebrity strategy, as long as Beckham doesn't get bored with being a big fish in a little pond. I get the feeling he and Posh will spend more time in the Hollywood social scene than anything.

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