Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who needs a government?

Looks like things are a bit more complicated in the Netherlands than I thought. First, CDA + VVD + PvdV (Wilders) doesn't add up to a majority. Not to mention, nobody really wants to work with Wilders, who is rather controversial due to comments on Islam.

Okay, quickly apply the cordon sanitaire, and go... where? Christian Democrats and Labor (CDA + PvdA), ignoring the fact that they hate each other, still don't have a majority. The rumors have had a small Christian party (economic left/social right), CU, joining the government. Except that PvdA has demanded that the big gainers, SP, be involved in any discussion.

One of the outgoing Liberal (VVD) ministers commented that "the only winners are the anarchists" due to the inconclusive nature of this election. But it seems to be becoming a pattern, with Germany, Austria and the Czechs all voting inconclusively. Why? And will it lead to anything other than strengthening extremists, especially on the right?

Guy at A Fistful of Euros has a good commentary.

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