Monday, October 23, 2006

My relative optimism

It is finally time to be optimistic again about U.S. politics. Kind of. I mean, the Democrats still have no plan whatsoever, but at least the Republicans will have to stop implementing their plan, and that's worth it.

As I'm still not registered to vote in Texas (oops), I will be voting absentee for, uh, whoever I am registered to vote for in Washington. That means a vote for Maria Cantwell, and perhaps Jim McDermott, or maybe Jay Inslee, if one of those is my representative (maybe it's someone else entirely). Inslee is a good representative of the 1st District and he'll be in Congress for a while to come unless he leaves of his own accord.

On the national level, I'd still love to see Lieberman get beat. Not that I love Ned Lamont (who?) but I hate Joe Lieberman. Here in Texas we have a four-way governor's race that means Governor Perry will probably get reelected somehow. I daresay this won't help Houston's inequalities.

Perhaps more later, but we all know the States isn't my specialty.

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