Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Beitenu is home

So Lieberman has agreed to join the government and take one ministry. He hopes to force out Labor eventually and take more. Meanwhile Labor is evenly divided about what to do. Arab members of Labor say they'll quit if Lieberman joins and Peretz is technically opposed, but influential members want to do it. Peretz is doomed and Labor is weak...

Who is Labor? What is the reason for the party's existence, other than opportunism? Technically, I guess, it represents secular, economic left, non-dovish voters. But how many of those are around? Eventually everyone who represents the hawkish (and economically liberal) wing will join Kadima (or whoever succeeds it) and everyone from the dovish side will unite with Meretz-Yahad. Or so one would think. But the remaining structure and advantages that exist (resources) to campaigning with Labor may continue to prolong the agony.

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