Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday anthem - La Marcha Real

I'm late on what is only the second Friday anthem... not a good start, I know.

Today's national anthem is the anthem of Spain, La Marcha Real (The Royal March), sometimes referred to as the Marcha Granadera (March of the Grenadiers). It's been Spain's national anthem since sometime in the 18th century, with only a quick interruption from 1931-39 when the Second Republic introduced the Himno de Riego instead (that anthem celebrates General del Riego's installation of the liberal First Republic). Franco then restored the Marcha Real.

Spain's national anthem has been in the news recently (as I noted in a recent post); the Spanish Olympic Committee was intending to submit a petition to parliament to adopt a new set of lyrics. However, it appears that today in Spain, there are no lyrics which would be acceptable to everyone, given the separatism, regionalism and left-right schisms that persist. Therefore, the anthem remains wordless.

Many on the Right still sing the lyrics written by the nationalist José María Pemán during the Franco era, which you can see by heading to the Wiki article.

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