Sunday, February 25, 2007

The crazy optician

This guy (from Toronto) is just crazy. When the consumer advocate reporter comes to talk to him again, he... opens the door in his face, tries to punch him and throws snowballs at the cameraman, then barricades himself inside the store until the riot team arrives.

Apparently, he was:
  • Making fake Oakleys and other brand-name glasses (when the reporter confronted him, blamed Oakley);
  • Refusing to refund money for the above ("We don't do money back here");
  • Performing eye exams, even though in Ontario, opticians are not permitted to do so ("Your eye doctor is probably going to say something like I'm not supposed to do this, but he's my competition").
Now he has reportedly changed the name of his business and tried to make it look like the neighboring one. The archive of old news videos about him is here.

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