Monday, November 20, 2006

France annoys people, again

A French judge says that Rwandan President Kagame should be tried for the murder of ex-president Habyarimana in 1994, the event that started the Rwandan genocide.

Now, Kagame has done plenty of things that I (and, more importantly, other people who matter) don't like, such as throwing ex-president Bizimungu (his own hand-picked transitional president) into jail for opposing him, and silencing dissent on the grounds that it "provokes genocide."

However, it is generally agreed that Kagame and the RPF didn't kill Habyarimana, but that it was planned and executed by Hutu-extremist elements within the former Rwandan armed forces which then used it as a pretext to carry out the genocide. France, meanwhile, provided cover and support (military and diplomatic) to the genocidaires, with whom it had close ties. Which makes the issuing of a warrant for Kagame, in addition to unenforceable, just another ridiculous example of the French superiority/inferiority complex.

If you want to know more about Rwanda, I have read this book about four times, and highly recommend it. Note that the author is sympathetic to Kagame and the RPF (but who should he have sympathized with? the genocidaires?).

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