Friday, May 26, 2006


Abbas says he'll call a referendum. Hamas says he'll need to go through Parliament to do it. In the end, he'd probably be able to do it...

The plan that was worked out in an Israeli jail isn't that new. Would there be any ramifications beyond Hamas' agreement? Doubtful--surveys have indicated Palestinian support for the same thing for years and had no effect. Israelis have never particularly cared about the Palestinian stance, only about their own practical concerns.

About a referendum... I assume this is a PA referendum and not a "Palestinian" referendum, since there is talk about the PLC needing to approve the thing. The latter sort of referendum would encompass Palestinians in camps in other Arab nations--and possibly other exiles too. A logistical nightmare, but to be truly legitimate, the referendum (or at least the final referendum on a peace plan, if there is one) would have to include them. It won't. They are being ignored and will continue to be, except as a bargaining chip.

Another interesting note: So, the boycott led Hamas to agree to transfer control of finance to Abbas. Huh. Weren't they elected to clean up Palestinian government and crack down on corruption? And now Abbas and Fatah will control finances again? Huh. Oh well, the boycott was worth it...

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