Friday, August 26, 2005

Still working in Iraq

Hey, how about limiting federal regions in Iraq to three provinces or less? Yes? Okay.

Seriously, that would take care of Sunni objections to a Shia "super-region" while still allowing the formation of federal states in different regions of the country. The Kurds would still be OK in the north... basically everybody is happy...

But there is no point to this constitution if it is passed without the Sunni assent. The provinces will then reject the document by more than two-thirds and we will be back to square one; or, even if the constitution squeaks by, insurgents will not be convinced to lay down their arms as they will still enjoy a fair share of support.

"Pat Robertson is an idiot"

Need I say more? These comments are pretty high on the idiocy scale (not quite with those about 9/11, but calling to assassinate Chávez--a democratically elected foreign leader if not particularly democratic--gives Chávez more ammunition to use in railing against the U.S. Not that he's entirely wrong.

Cindy Sheehan--what's up with that?

Yeah... Cindy Sheehan... anti-war protestor wants to meet with Bush because her kid got killed in Iraq... unfortunately that's life. Somebody has to die in war. Taking advantage of Sheehan's rage is a misguided political play by some leftist factions. Bad idea.

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